What We Work With

Loneliness, Trouble with Friendships, Family, or Significant Others

Oftentimes people struggle with creating and maintaining meaningful relationships. Sometimes it is difficult to meet someone that you click with. It can feel as if everyone else is partnered. Having fulfilling romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships is part of what makes life satisfying. Without them, one can feel “stuck” or lonely. Therapy can foster the ability to grow and move beyond relationship-ruts.

Finding your own path

As we grow, we wonder if we are making the right choices. What kind of job do I want? How do I go about building a family? What is really important to me as a person, and how do I want that reflected in my life? Therapy is a great place to speak openly about one's goals for the future, and to begin thinking about how to achieve those goals.

Work Stress

Jobs can be demanding emotionally and physically. This can leave a person feeling like work is taking a toll on their personal life. Work stress comes from a variety of sources, such as conflict with coworkers, bullying in the workplace, failure to move ahead, toxic work environments, and other problems. Therapy is useful in discovering ways to reduce the impact of work stress on your wellbeing.

Substance Abuse

Many people enjoy using alcohol or other substances in a way they feel comfortable with. However, many people find they have difficulty controlling their drug or alcohol use. Sometimes it is due to addiction, while other times it is a matter of making changes in the way someone uses substances. Therapy can help you meet your goals, whether that is to quit or cut down, or just explore your relationship with drugs or alcohol.

Difficult Experiences

Sometimes we have experiences that trouble us deeply. These experiences haunt us in ways we are uncomfortable with. Examples of difficult experiences include violence, sexual assault, divorce, loss of a child, domestic abuse, and difficult childhoods. Therapy can help you cope with the impact these experiences have had on your life and even your worldview.


Helping couples build emotionally satisfying relationships has been a rewarding part of our work. We use Emotionally Focused therapy when working with couples. Emotionally Focused Couples therapy is a brief, solution focused therapy that is supported by a growing body of research. This approach views emotions as the "glue" of a relationship. Much of the work involves looking at feelings that are being ignored or not talked about, and using the experience of these emotions to strengthen personal bonds.

Managing Chronic Pain and Other Medical Issues

Pain and illness can take a big emotional toll. This increased stress can impact how we feel physically. Dealing with these problems can be an extremely isolating experience. You may have a hard time feeling understood by those close to you. Health conditions impact most aspects of your life and may leave you feeling like you are not quite the same person. Therapy can help you develop practical tools to cope with stress, grieve losses and limitations related to pain and medical issues, and get back to living life more fully again.