What To Expect

  1. Therapy starts with an evaluation. A good personality fit with your therapist, and agreement about goals and style of treatment have been shown to predict positive outcomes.
  2. Over the first few meetings, we learn about your goals for therapy and collect information to collaboratively create an individualized plan.
  3. When the problem is specific and concrete, therapy can be short. Issues that are more pervasive may require longer, more exploratory therapy.
  1. Research suggests people can feel better or more hopeful after even just a few sessions. The impact of treatment is periodically evaluated to understand if the plan is helping meet your goals or needs modification. You will be encouraged to provide feedback and be an active collaborator.
  1. As you meet your goals, we begin thinking about how you maintain progress and momentum after therapy ends. We think back on the work that has been done. It is also a chance to reflect on the experience of ending a unique relationship. This phase differs depending on the client and their experience in therapy. There may be an opportunity to come in for booster sessions after our regular sessions have ended.